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Playdate EP

by Nonplus

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Playdate 01:24
Nonplus :: Playdate I didn't know what that meant I didn't know how that felt I only knew you were my friend I only knew this wouldn't end Let's go play in the radiation Can you feel the heat? Have a date in the radiation Can you feel my heat? Sometimes the glare is too bright Sometimes the truth's so obvious Sometimes I clung to you too tight Sometimes we were oblivious Let's go play in the radiation Can you feel the heat? Have a date in the radiation Will you feel my heat? When everything's stopped making sense When everything's a waste of time When did I lose my favorite thing? When did you stop being mine? Let's go play in the radiation


Exotic Synthetic Pop of the highest purity

Obstreperous timbres previously unknown on this planet

Remixes by Steve Duda and Obsidian

Full length previews at Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/synthcityrecords/sets/playdate-ep


released January 21, 2013


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Vocals: Christiane Ingenthron
Words & Music: B. Wilks


all rights reserved



Nonplus Los Angeles, California


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